B2 is second generation BLUE, a curated platform representing emerging female artists of tomorrow.

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The starting point for Iris’s work is the constant evolution of the human body, its mechanism and its plasticity. Having practised gymnastics for 10 years of her life, the artist seeks to capture a physical energy and to materialize it into organic forms, polarized colours and provoked situations. Painting allows Iris to create a repertoire of gestures, which then she transcribes into sculptural and performative fragments such as body extensions getting closer to the public.


“My work is so often about intimacy, about touch or lack of touch. I am very interested in the line, sometimes using stark empty spaces around the line to emphasize this or filling in the space of the canvas more and using the lines to push up against each other, to cause tension. I try to explore and portray the idea of exchange between two things, two souls, two organisms or people, entering and exiting each other or not touching at all.”


Through painting, textile design and installation art, Jaouda explores issues of cultural mobility, displacement and ‘placelessness’ in the context of Egypt’s cultural landscape. She is interested in the precariousness of our cultural identities.